Yum Yum Sauce

Yum Yum Sauce

Classic Gourmet Mayonnaise

Explore our mayonnaise products to find the right ones for your menu. From heavy duty to real to eggless, our mayonnaise will deliver the taste and performance your customers demand.​
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Sauce Craft

A Diverse Line Of On-Trend Sauces Crafted To Deliver Versatile And Craveable Flavor Options To Help Innovate Your Menu
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  • Chef's Pride Mayonnaise - 3 Cups
  • Furakake, Japanese, chopped - 1/2 Cup
  • Sauce Craft Teriyaki sauce - 1 Cup
  • Lemon juice, fresh - 2 tbs.

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  1. In a mixing bowl blend all the ingredients together well and combine well.

  2. Pour into a clean container and place in the refrigerator until needed.

Serving Suggestions:

Good for dipping sauces on fried appetizers, tacos, wraps, or as a spread for sandwiches.

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