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Butter Flavored Oils

Season And Cook With Buttery Flavor

Ventura Foods Butter Flavored Oils

Vegetable oils with the great taste of butter

Ready-To-Go Butter Flavored Oils for Professional Kitchens​

Explore our Phase® Butter Flavored Oil, created without preservatives or artificial colors to deliver an authentic butter taste for less. Our Phase portfolio will allow you to add the rich flavor and texture of regular butter to your dishes at a 25% higher yield while catering to your health-conscious customers.
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Exclusive Butter Flavored Oils

Exclusive Butter Flavored Oils

Looking for a unique buttery flavored oil solution for seasoning, cooking, or blending? Collaborate with our culinary experts to create an exclusive butter flavored oil for your kitchen.

Ready to add an authentic butter flavor to your culinary creations?  

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