Sauce Craft Caribbean Jerk Roast Pork Dip

Sauce Craft Caribbean Jerk Roast Pork Dip

It’s amazing the difference a sauce can make. With the simple addition of sweet and spicy Sauce Craft Carribean Jerk sauce, you can put a new spin on a staple sandwich that will amaze your customers with its exotic and distinctive flavor.


  • Talera roll - 1 each
  • Phase, LBA - 1 oz.
  • Roasted Pork, sliced thin - 6 oz.
  • Roasted Garlic Herb Mayonnaise - 2 oz.
  • Swiss cheese - 2 slice
  • French fries - 5 oz.
  • Roasted Herbed Tomatoes - 4 pcs.
  • Caribbean Jerk Au Jus - 3 oz.

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  1. Place the pork slices on the grill to heat up. 

  2. Once both meats were hot place the roasted tomatoes and Swiss cheese on the meat and melt the cheese on the flat top. Place the Phase on the flat top and toast the bun.
  3. On the roll spread the roasted garlic mayonnaise on the crown and heel. Place the meat on the heel and finish the sandwich by placing the top of the roll to close the sandwich.
  4. Cut the sandwich on a bias and place it on the serving plate along with a cup of Caribbean Jerk Au Jus and crispy French fries.


Roasted Garlic Herb Mayonnaise

  1. Chopped herbs - Cup .25
  2. Classic Gourmet Mayonnaise - Cups 3
  3. Roasted garlic, chopped well - Cup .5
  4. Lemon juice, fresh - tbs. 2
  1. In a clean mixing bowl incorporate all the ingredients and combine well.
  2. Place in a clean storage container. Label date and refrigerate until needed.

Roasted Herbed Tomatoes

  1. Roma Tomatoes, cored, cut in 1/2 lengthwise - Lbs. 5
  2. Black Pepper, ground - Tbl 2
  3. Fresh Thyme, chopped - Tbl 4
  4. Garlic Powder - Tsp (s) 3
  5. Salt, kosher - Tbl 2
  6. Phase, LBA - Cups 3
  1. In a clean bowl mix all the herbs, spices, and Phase ingredients together and combine well. Then gently fold in the tomatoes to combine well with the seasoned Phase.

  2. Place the tomatoes on a grate with a sheet pan underneath. Bake In the oven at 350F degrees for 30 minutes.

  3. Let the tomatoes cool completely and place the tomatoes in a clean storage container.

Caribbean Jerk Au Jus

  1. Classic Gourmet Beef Base - Cup 1/2
  2. Water - Gallon 1/2
  3. Salt and pepper mix - As needed
  4. Sauce Craft Caribbean Jerk Sauce - Quart 1
  1. Heat water in a pot, add beef base and Caribbean Jerk sauce. Mix well with a whisk. Add salt and pepper if needed
  2. Place In a clean food storage and hold hot until needed for service. If not place in a clean container and place in the refrigerator until needed.

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