Lime Marinated Chicken

Lime Marinated Chicken

Perfect for prepping your chicken for the grill, this simple lime marinade soaks the meat in fresh citrus to imbue it with an irresistibly juicy flavor and tender texture that gets better with every bite.


  • Chicken breast, 6-7oz. - 24 each
  • Hidden Valley Sesame Asian Dressing - .5 gallon
  • Lime juice, fresh - 3 Cup
  • Cilantro, chopped - 3 bunches
  • Cumin, ground, toasted - .5 Cup
  • Salt and pepper mix - To taste

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  1. Mix all the ingredients together excluding the chicken. In a container using an immersion blender incorporate the ingredients until smooth.

  2. Place the chicken breast in a bowl and pour the marinade over the chicken.

  3. The chicken breast will need to marinate 5-6 hours before grilling. Cover and hold in the refrigerator until time to grill.

Serving Suggestion:

Once marinated and grilled this chicken can be used on salads, in quesadillas, burritos, tacos, or bowls as a center of the plate item. Make into a chicken sandwich, wraps, or toppings for pizzas.

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