Boozy Winter Garden Cocktail

Boozy Winter Garden Cocktail

Influenced by the other content within this edition of Industry Dish, Chef Renée and myself wanted to create an alcoholic green drink inspired by the permissible indulgence Renée has been researching*. While Chef Cameron waxed poetics about his dreams of warmer weather, offering a tropical cocktail* full of summery ingredients, we decided to nod to the freezing winter we experienced this year. Our Winter Garden cocktail is loaded with matcha powder, coconut crème, and rose petals, as well as a good dose of rum, offering an indulgent yet functional sipper.  


  • Aji Amarillo Mayonnaise -

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Aji Amarillo Mayonnaise

  1. Classic Gourmet Mayonnaise - quart 2
  2. Aji Amarillo paste - cups .5
  3. Lime juice, fresh - cups .5
  4. Salt and pepper, mix - As Needed
  1. Mix all the ingredients together and combine well. Add more of the Aji Amarillo paste if the heat level is low. Add salt and pepper as needed for flavor.

  2. Place the sauce in a clean container and store in the refrigerator until needed.

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