Country Honey Mustard-Smoked Black Pepper BBQ Sauce

Country Honey Mustard-Smoked Black Pepper BBQ Sauce

A well-balanced sauce that’s equal parts sweet, tangy, zesty, and spicy, this should be your sauce of choice for serving with smoked meats. An essential flavor booster for any BBQ menu.


  • Marie's Country Honey Mustard dressing - 1 quart
  • Sauce Craft Smoked Black Pepper BBQ sauce - 2 cups

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  1. In a bowl combine both ingredients together and blend well.
  2. Pour sauce into a clean storage container. Hold in the refrigerator until needed.

Serving Suggestions:

Can be used as a dipping sauce with fried appetizers, grilled appetizers, BBQ type foods, used on sandwiches, wraps, and drizzle on bowls. Incorporate as speed scratch recipes to create quick innovative dressing ideas for salads and slaws.

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