BBQ Steak and Fries Salad

BBQ Steak and Fries Salad

Topped with succulent steak and crispy golden-brown French fries, this is a salad that even the kids will love. Get even more culinary mileage out of some of your most used ingredients with this innovative combination of steak, salad, and side.


  • Italian parsley sprig - 1 each
  • Arugula, fresh - 1/2 Cup
  • Sauce Craft™ Smoked Black Pepper Smokehouse Barbecue Sauce - 3 tbs.
  • French fries, crisp - 4 oz.
  • Grilled Steak, cooked to Med, diced 1" - 7 oz.
  • Cucumber-Tomato Relish - 1/2 Cup

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  1. Place the fries in the center of the plate. Place the steak over the fries ensuring even distribution.

  2. In a bowl mix the arugula with the tomato-cucumber relish and combine well.
  3. Place the arugula in the center and sprinkle the relish over the dish, ensuring the distribution of all ingredients.

  4. Drizzle the BBQ sauce over the salad overlapping the rim of the dish. Place the sprig of parsley in the center of the meat.


Cucumber-Tomato Relish

  1. Cucumbers, English 1/2 " diced - Cups 2
  2. Pear tomatoes, cut in half - Cups 2
  3. Marie’s® Italian Vinaigrette Dressing - Cup 1/2
  4. Parsley fresh, chopped - Cup 1/4
  5. Salt and pepper mix - To taste
  1. In a clean bowl mix all the ingredients except for the salt and pepper and combine well. Adjust the salt and pepper as needed for flavor.

  2. Place completed product in a clean storage container and hold in the refrigerator until needed.

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