Italian Risotto Fritters

Italian Risotto Fritters

An authentic Italian recipe, these easy, cheesy, risotto fritters are quick to make and even quicker to eat, the perfect combination of qualities for an effective appetizer. 


  • Flat leaf parsley - 7 sprig
  • Pesto Ranch Sauce - 3 oz.
  • Vegetable Risotto Balls(Preparation) - 1 recipe
  • Vegetable Risotto Balls breading - 7 each

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  1. Drop the risotto balls in a 350F-degree deep fryer and fry the product until golden brown. Place the balls on a ceramic plate and insert the flat leaf parsley  onto the balls and stick it with a bamboo pick.

  2. Place the sauce in a ramekin and place the ramekin on a medium round plate in the center.

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