Farro Roasted Vegetable Naan Sandwich

Farro Roasted Vegetable Naan Sandwich

Created with vegetarians in mind, this nourishing naan-wich is filled with nutty farro and caramelized roasted vegetables. A superb recipe for expanding your sandwich and vegetarian menu options.  


  • Roasted vegetable, see recipe - 3 oz.
  • Baby kale - 1 cups
  • Cheddar cheese, shredded - 1/4 cups
  • Naan bread, grilled - 1 each
  • Cooked Faro, see recipe - 1 cups
  • White Balsamic Shallot vinaigrette - 2 oz.

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  1. Grill the Naan to heat through. In a clean bowl place, the cheese, vegetables, kale, and vinaigrette and toss well
  2. Place all the salad in inside of the Naan bread and fold both sides up. Use a decorative pick to keep the sandwich folded.
  3. Put the sandwich on the plate and serve with your choice of accompaniment.
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