Asian Pear Brussels Sprouts Salad

Asian Pear Brussels Sprouts Salad

Prepared with sweet Asian pear and crisp cucumber, this cool and crunchy coleslaw is a quintessential summertime recipe that will have customers reveling in its refreshing flavor.


  • Pear, Asian, sliced - 2 oz.
  • Mesculn mix - 2 Cups
  • Pecans, candied - 1/4 Cup
  • Orange sections - 1/4 Cup
  • Carrots, shredded - 1/4 Cup
  • Brussels sprouts, shaved - 1/2 Cup
  • Bacon, chopped - 1/4 Cup
  • Citrus Mint White Balsamic Shallot Vinaigrette - 2-1/2 oz.
  • Tomatoes, pear, cut 1/2's - 1/4 Cup

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  1. Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and toss well.
  2. Present the salad on the serving vessel with height and ensuring all the ingredients are visible on top and around the salad.
  3. The salad should look fresh, colorful, and nicely presented.


Citrus Mint White Balsamic Shallot Vinaigrette

  1. Orange juice, fresh - oz. 4
  2. Fresh Mint, chop rough - cups 1
  3. Salt and pepper mix - tsp. 2
  4. Marie's® White Balsamic Shallot Vinaigrette - cups 4
  5. Lemon juice, fresh - oz. 4
  1.  In a clean container combine all ingredients together and using an immersion blender mix well.

  2. Place the completed vinaigrette in a clean storage container and hold it in the refrigerator until needed.

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