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LouAna® & Odell's®


product description

LouAna® and Odell's® have been supplying American movie theatres with specialty popping and topping products for decades, to create the best tasting movie theatre popcorn. They are the oil pros for all your popping and topping needs. Our popping and topping oils are cholesterol free, Kosher certified and processed within strict specifications for consistent quality flavor, aroma and performance.

Our popping and topping oils, along with Ventura’ Foods extensive distribution network, assures you premium products to meet your customer’s preferences and your profit requirements. We are proud to offer the following brands:

Topping Products:

  • Louana Cinema Gold
  • Louana Wisconson's Choice
  • Louana Premium Buttery Topping
  • Odell's Anhydrous Butterfat – REAL Butter
  • Odells's Supur-Kist

    Popping Products:

  • Louana Coconut Oil
  • Louana Canola Oil
  • Louana Pop-n-Lite
  • Odell's Fluffy Pop Coconut Oil
  • Odell's Classic Blend
  • Odell's Sunflower Oil
  • Odell's Premium Canola Oil

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