Classic Gourmet® Mayonnaise


product description

Classic Gourmet’s new line of high performance, premium mayonnaises can be used as one-to-one replacements for the nation’s leading consumer-recognized brands without changing your recipes. No matter what you’re making, you can count on the same flavor, texture and appearance, with superior holding power.  That’s the promise of Classic Gourmet®.

  • Performance: Premium holding power in all hot and cold applications.
  • Patron Appeal: Rated as “equally preferred” to the leading consumer-recognized mayonnaise brands for overall liking, flavor and thickness in a national, consumer blind taste test. *
  • Professional Quality: Developed and kitchen-tested by culinary professionals. **
  • State-of-the-Art: Proprietary emulsion process for best flavor and stability.

Available sizes: Classic Gourmet® Mayonnaises are available in both 4/1 gallon cases and 30 lb. pails. Our new Eggless Mayonnaise-Style Spread is offered in a 4/1-gallon case pack.

*Based on a three-market, national consumer sensory test with 233 total participants
**Evaluated by the Center for Culinary Development's Chef's Sensory panel

For more information, please contact us at (800) 421-6257.