Great Relationships

Ventura Foods is committed to advancing the food industry and those who cater to the needs of the marketplace, supporting great culinary, future chefs and a diverse and safe working environment.

Affiliated Organizations

Our relationships with great organizations are a cornerstone of our investment in building the future of food.


Ventura Foods is a proud sponsor of the prestigious MenuMasters Award Ceremonies, which recognizes visionary and creative foodservice professionals in the areas of Research & Development, Culinary and Menu Development.

Culinary Institute of America

Ventura Foods partners with the Culinary Institute of America and other industry leaders to support applied research, student scholarships, and curriculum development, including the expansion of menu research & development as a critical foodservice industry discipline.

Spirit of Innovation Awards

Ventura Foods and Prepared Foods co-sponsor The Spirit of Innovation Awards. Created in 2003, the award has a history of recognizing landmark food and beverage product launches.

Women’s Foodservice Forum

Ventura Foods is a member of the Women’s Foodservice Forum, the foodservice industry’s premier leadership development resource.


Ventura Foods is continually recognized by our customers for our agility, customer-focus and ability to create the standout products that help them earn a special place on their customers’ table.