Corporate Social Responsibility

At Ventura Foods, we have a long-standing commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen. Our Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, Report helps customers, partners and others better understand our company, how we operate and what we stand for. It provides information on how we source ingredients and make our products, support our people and local communities, and help care for our planet.

Our approach is built around three pillars – Products, People and Planet. Within each pillar, we’ve further identified focus areas and specific commitments.


Ventura Foods is committed to bringing the very best products to our customers, ensuring that they are produced safely and sourced sustainably. To do so, we leverage innovation to remain at the forefront of consumer taste and preference trends.

For more information on our Product commitments, view our CSR Report.


Ventura Foods would not exist without the dedication and support of our employees. Just as they are committed to us, we are equally committed to them. For this reason, we strive to ensure the well-being of our employees, foster an inclusive environment, and support the local communities where we operate.

For more information on our People commitments, view our CSR Report.


We only have one planet and, at Ventura Foods, we’re doing our part to help care for it by eliminating the waste we generate and reducing the water and energy we use.

For more information on our Planet commitments, view our CSR Report.

If you have any questions about or feedback on our CSR Report, please Contact Us.