Liquid Shortening

product description

Ventura Foods’ liquid shortening comes in many pack sizes as well as many trans fat free varieties.

Product Detail

Liquid Shortening
40025 Mel-Fry® Advanced 1/35 lb.
15562 Mel-Fry® Advanced 2/17.5 lb.
17658 Mel-Fry® Free 1/35 lb.
16502 Mel-Fry® Premium 1/35 lb.
17388 Mel-Fry® Premium 2/17.5 lb.
40017 Mel-Fry® Essential 3/10 qt.
19022 Mel-Fry® Essential 2/17.5 lb.
16763 Mel-Fry® Essential 1/35 lb.
58503 Ventura Canola Clear Fry 1/35 lb.
45531 Ventura ZTF Creamy Liquid Fry 1/35 lb.
45532 Ventura Soybean Clear Fry 1/35 lb.
45563 Liquid Fry 1/2000 lb. tote

technical detail

Liquid shortenings are a hybrid between solid shortening and liquid oil.  This fluid product brings with it unique moisture retention for cakes with the ease of a pourable oil that can be pumped and metered for batch processing.


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