Liquid Margarine

product description

Ventura Foods brings fresh flavor to margarines, liquid margarines, butter blends and spreads.  With the most comprehensive line of butter and butter replacements in the industry, Ventura has the right products for your needs. 

Product Detail

Liquid Margarine
19518 Liquid Margarine 1/17.5 lb.
15487 Liquid Margarine 1/35 lb.
19512 Liquid Margarine 1/400 lb. drum
19510 Gold-n-Sweet® Liquid Margarine 2/17.5 lb.
11292 Ventura Liquid Margarine 1/400 lb.
12818 Ventura Liquid Margarine 1/2000 lb.
12932 Gold-n-Sweet® Liquid Margarine 1/2000 lb.
89146 Grandioso® Double-Flavored Liquid Garlic Sauce 4/1 gal.
14043 Grandioso® Garlic Dipping Sauce 96/1.5 oz.
14044 Grandioso® Garlic Dipping Sauce 125/1.25 oz.
13910 Ventura Garlic Liquid Margarine 2/17.5 lb.
12933 Ventura Garlic Liquid Margarine 1/2000 lb.
89215 Sunnyland Liquid Margarine 2/17.5 lb.

technical detail

Liquid margarines have the same ingredient make up as their solid counterparts, only they are fluid and pourable when used at room temperature. When the application requires a margarine to be fluid at refrigerated or room temperature, liquid margarines are the ideal choice.  Ventura has a full line of trans fat free liquid margarines, that can be packaged in individual portion control units up to 2,000 pound totes.


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