Consumer Recognized Brands-Smart Balance® Buttery Spreads

Smart Balance Buttery Spreads are famous for combining superior taste with a patented blend of vegetable oils that is balanced to help improve cholesterol ratio.  Discover the rich butter flavor and kitchen versatility of the product that started it all.


- Smart Balance is naturally free of trans fat with no hydrogenation.

- Smart Balance has a U.S. patented blend of oils to help improve the 'good to bad' cholesterol ratio.*

- Smart Balance is an excellent source of Omega-3s.

- 100% Vegan, non-dairy


Footnote: *When at least 2/3 of fat intake comes from this product or our food plan; limit fat to 30% of calories and saturated fats to 10%.  Limit cholesterol to 300mg/day.  Avoid foods with partially hydrogenated oil.  Exercise regularly.


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