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Shortenings & Oils-Solid Shortening

Ventura Foods has you covered when it comes to shortenings.  From the traditional hydrogenated soybean oil shortenings, this line of smooth, easy to use shortenings are ready for all of your applications. Additionally, only Ventura Foods has a multi-purpose shortening that is non-hydrogenated, low in saturated fat and not palm oil based.  These all purpose shortenings contribute to longer shelf life in baked goods and are typically used in cookies, pastries, biscuits, scones and tortillas. Ventura provides the food manufacturer with consistent high quality shortening that assures the user of ingredients that will meet their expectations.

Additionally, Ventura produces more sophisticated shortenings to meet the specialized requirements of donut frying, pie dough and laminated puff pastries.

Ventura's emulsified icing shortenings produce bright white, fluffy, delicious icings that will exceed the expectations of your customers.