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Liquid Butter Alternatives

Savory® and Phase® Liquid Butter Alternatives

Savory - Anything you grill, sauté or baste in Savory comes out better.  Your customers will appreciate the rich buttery taste in everything from eggs, hash browns and grilled sandwiches, to vegetables and seafood. It's 100% canola oil, so it's lower in saturated fat than other leading butter alternatives.  You'll like Savory's® improved heat stability, which means it won't burn, scorch, spatter, foam or lose its great buttery flavor. Shelf-stable and always ready to use, Savory® and Sodium Free Savory® make buttering up customers easier than ever.

Phase - Formulated for high heat stability and imparts a rich, buttery flavor in a variety of cooking applications.  Phase® contains no cholesterol and is low in saturated fat.  It is shelf-stable, requires no refrigeration and has a 20% greater yield than butter or margarine.