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Shortenings & Oils-Liquid Shortening

In addition to the products shown below, Ventura Foods produces many of our products in package sizes that range from 1 gram to 2000 pound totes.  If you don’t see what you need, please click on Contact and ask.  We will be happy to help.

40025  Mel-Fry® Free Canola Multi Purpose Zero Trans Oil  1/35 lb. 
15562  Mel-Fry® Free Canola  2/17.5 lb. 
16502  Mel-Fry® Free Soy  1/35 lb. 
17388  Mel-Fry® Free Soy  2/17.5 lb. 
40017  Mel-Fry® Free Soy  3/10 qt. 
16763  Mel-Fry® Free Cottonseed/Canola Blend  1/35 lb. 
58503  Ventura Canola Clear Fry  1/35 lb. 
45531  Ventura ZTF Creamy Liquid Fry  1/35 lb. 
45532  Ventura Soybean Clear Fry  1/35 lb. 
45563  Liquid Fry  1/2000 lb. tote